How to Get FREE or Cheap Homestead Land Honestly – Part 1

Six different ways you can get FREE or cheap homestead land honestly. This is part one where we discuss ways and methods to get property to homestead that won’t require a mortgage . In the next podcast we speak about what to look for once you have found the area and the parcel you are considering.

  1. Buy from a Realtor
  2. Tax lien sales and Tax deed sales
  3. The doctrine of adverse possession
  4. Contact an owner
  5. Free land
  6. Low tech and internet searches

Cimarron Ranch Homestead Podcast 1

An off grid homestead adventure! Follow us as we explore the hardships and joys of living 2 hours from any paved road and miles from any neighbor in a remote solar powered stone cabin. Experience the blank canvas build from scratch with us as we carve out a self sufficient homestead in the western wilderness.