Making Mini Pollen Feeders

These mini pollen feeders for your bees are so easy to make it may not be worth a blog entry but, I’ve been working more than writing for far too many days now so it’s on.

It’s a pretty simple process and only takes a few minutes. You only need a plastic juice bottle, scissors, nails, paint and a hammer.

I started this because I used this same method to make a 5 gallon pollen feeder from a plastic water jug that seemed to be getting overcrowded with bee activity during certain times of the day. It looked almost like a Japanese subway during rush hour.

I used 64 oz. plastic juice bottles that I already had around. They used to be top hive feeders but we have since begun feeding with division board feeders due to the high winds in our area.

Take the bottle and cut a half moon out of the bottom.


Be sure to take the label off of them. I then painted them with some tan spray paint to keep the plastic from degrading in the sun.


Once this was done I went down to my apiary and found strategic locations for them in trees. In our area we have a lot of predators so I chose to put them in trees so the foxes and coyotes would have a hard time reaching them.  With a nail I hammered the caps of the bottles to the tree and then screwed the bottle to the tree. Once this was done I filled them with pollen. The bees took to it immediately. They had no problem accepting the fact that they and the feeders were destined to be.

Simplicity sure makes life a lot easier. Enjoy!


bee feeder

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