Aging Corrugated Metal Panels

I’m currently on a mini project to make a heat shield for the back of my old Franklin wood stove. The heat shield should minimize the amount of heat that hits the wall so my tiny ranch house doesn’t burn down or at least give me a chance to put the flames out. Being so remote, there is no chance the county fire department could get here in time.

Better safe than sorry I’m thinking.

I’ve used this technique to age all the roof panels on our stone cabin at the ranch and it worked pretty well.  Basically, there are only 3 steps after you get your new shiny panels to get the aged look you may like.

Without much hooey, here goes;

1. Grind the panels –  This is probably the most important step. Get a grinder, sand paper or steel wool and start knocking the shine off of the panel. This entails some elbow grease. The more shine you can get off the better. Don’t ninny wagon it!

2. Get corrosion – With a  spray bottle, rag or paint brush spread your choice of corrosive agent on the panels. I use either Muriatic Acid or vinegar. You may also use bleach or if time permits you can let good ol’ Ma Nature take it’s coarse. Get the rockin’ chair out for this one because it may take some time depending on your climate. Let the stuff sit for a while but don’t let it dry too much. Expect some off gassing and stand down wind. You are doing this outside arn’t you? I’d use a respirator if you have one. We don’t so a dirty old t-shirt does the trick.

3. Get age or rust look – Again with the spray bottle, rag or paint brush put Hydrogen Peroxide and a pinch of salt on the panel. Well, maybe more like a handful of salt. heatsheildstove Dissolve it in water would be best. Salt and metal don’t like each other’s company very much when they get together. Add in Hydrogen Peroxide to the tryst and the panel should start looking like a spurned lover in short order. I  allow this to sit over night but do check it from time to time to see the results and sometimes add more salt and peroxide if needed.

It’s pretty much that simple. You can repeat the process after you have rinsed the panel to get the desired aged look. Don’t forget to rinse the panel off before you use it for your application.

If you have any suggestions or have tried this method please let me know how you’ve fared.



3 thoughts on “Aging Corrugated Metal Panels

  1. What a great site. Your ranch house looks amazing. I would love to be able to live like that. If only we could educate people that outdoors is great, full of adventure and wonder. Not forgetting the hard work


    1. Thanks for the comment. It certainly is hard work. But, you get pretty much what you put in to it. Everything here was built by us by hand. We are pretty remote, at least in my mind. Our closest neighbor is 8 miles away. Everyone who lives this lifestyle that I know of loves it. The biggest reason I think most people don’t do it or venture into the wilderness is the fear of the unknown. With the proper skill set anything is possible.


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